Clucker Share FAQ

How does a Clucker Share work?

Buying a Clucker Share means that you are basically buying a certified organic hen from BUDA Organic Foods. However you don’t take your hen home but have BUDA Organic Foods look after your hen.

In return BUDA Organic Foods will deliver certified organic eggs to your home every week or as arranged otherwise.

What are the benefits of Clucker Shares?

Following are some benefits of taking up a Clucker Share:

  • You get a guaranteed number of certified organic eggs each week (or as arranged)
  • You can own a chicken, get healthy eggs even if you don’t have the space or time to look after a chicken.
  • You can be sure that your eggs are coming from a happy hen that is roaming freely each day with plenty of room.
  • Your chicken will be certified organic.
  • You are supporting a local farmer.

How much space do Clucker Share hens have?

Free Ranging ChickensClucker Share hens get to roam freely every day in a roughly 600 m² on our 20 acres property. This area is fenced off with movable electrified netting to keep our ladies safe. We move this fenced off area regularly to give the hens fresh grass o pick at.  Currently we look after 23 chickens in our laying flock and have no plans on growing the flock any larger than 50 hens.

Who can buy Clucker Shares?

Currently Clucker Shares are only available where delivery of the eggs can be made in the 4552 area in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland region.

What are you feeding the chickens?

During the day the chickens free range and eat grass and any grubs, bugs or worms they find. BUDA Organic Foods is certified organic (certified by Organic Growers Association – OGA)

We do provide supplement feed which the chooks are free to eat as much and whenever they feel like it to ensure they get all the nutrients they need. This supplement feed is certified organic Vegetarian Backyard Laying Mash supplied by Country Heritage Feeds.

Can we take our chicken home?

If you are determined, yes you can.

However once the chicken has left the BUDA Organic Foods farm we are not able to accept the chicken back into our flock. Once a chicken leaves our property it in effect ceases to be certified organic and we are not able to accept non certified organic chickens onto our property.

Effectivley you’d be terminating your Clucker Share without a refund.

How much does a Clucker Share cost?

The cost of a Clucker Share is in two parts.

  1. A joining fee of $75. This covers the cost of a day old chick, the certified organic chick starter food, and us caring for the chick so that it grows strong and healthy.
  2. A weekly subscription fee of $3. For this we will deliver 6 certified organic eggs for each Clucker Share you maintain on a weekly basis to your home or work (must be in 4552 area).

Can I cancel my Clucker Share?

Yes you can.

If you cancel your Clucker Share you stop receiving eggs each week and we will provide a pro rata refund of the $75 joining fee. The pro rata fee is calculated on the basis that we assume each chicken is laying eggs for 2 years. So if you were to cancel your Clucker Share exactly one year after you joined we would provide a 50% refund of the $75 joining fee.

Where do Clucker Share hens lay their eggs?

Harriet in nesting boxStocked NestWe’ve built comfortable nesting boxes out of timber for our hens and stock them with fresh hay to give them a soft spot to lay their eggs.